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What is User Focused Data Architecture?

In the world of information systems, communications seems to be the big headache.
No matter how experienced the users, or talented the developers, or robust the technical environment,
communications problems seem to mess everything up.
Users are frustrated because they can't get their ideas across to the developers.
Developers can't seem to comprehend what the users are trying to say, or what to ask to clarify the confusion.
Development efforts flounder amidst highly abstract requirements specifications, while the simplest solutions seem beyond reach.

Unless you know where to go for help.

For nearly 20 years, JCK has been helping bridge the communications gap between users and developers of information systems.

From our beginnings teaching the time-proven Extended Relational Analysis® methodology to our latest offerings in Business Event modeling, we've been helping people understand each other in some of the most demanding situations imaginable.  We've helped our customers salvage development efforts that major consulting firms walked away from.  We've helped firms large and small understand their distinctive edge and translate it into systems designs that gives them a competitive advantage.  All by just teaching them how to communicate.

We can help you do the same.  Look over our training and consulting offerings, browse our articles, take a look at our success stories.  See how good communications makes all the difference in systems design and implementation.   Let us help you address your communications problems. We can train your developers, designers, and even your users to communicate data requirements clearly. They can learn how to define terms precisely, and build understandable structures that serve as the foundations for any kind of system.

No matter what your operating platform, database system, implementation environment, or operational interface, all your development efforts will work better when you're communicating clearly.

Of course, if your development efforts are typically on time, within budget, and meeting expectations, then you probably don't need our help.

If not, feel free to contact us.